Golf shotz is a training and entertainment software based around 6 targets respectively placed at a specific location on the driving range or your golf simulator. Golf shotz is compatible with the Flightscope radars Mevo+, X2, X2E, Xi, Xi +, XiTour, and X3.

All the games are imagined around these targets and can be adapted to each level of the players, which allows in particular to confront an expert player with a beginner player.

As you can see, each target has a specific diameter. The black axis has no diameter because it is dedicated to straight line games like free training, the drive competition ...

Select the game you want to play on the touch screen and follow the instructions. Place the ball 2.50m from the radar or in the area indicated and aim the right target !


If you only have one golf shotz bay, start by placing the straight line represented by the blue target at 60m and the black target place at 200m. Then place the other targets according to the plane relative to this straight line.

If you have a multi-station license, start by placing your central station in the same way? then use the multi-user option in your software to pplace the other radars in relation to the central station.

The mutli-radar license allows you to use several radars on your practice simultaneously. subscription is for an unlimited number of radars. If you want to protect your iPads for a fixed installation, go to the shop :


If you want a permanent protection for your radars please contact the Golf Shotz team : contact@golf-shotz.com

To help your customers better understand the use of the software, we provide you with a complete mediakit of information panels, videos, target files for printing ... Contact the golf shotz team to receive the media kit or order directly on www.golf-shotz.com/shop


With which Flightscope the software works?

The golf shotz software works with : - Flightscope Range - Flightscope X2 - Flightscope X2 Elite - Flightscope Xi - Flightscope Xi + - Flightscope Xi Tour - Flightscope X3

How to install the game on the range?

How to update my software ?

The update is not automatic. Click on the windows logo menu / Addon sport / Update and lauch your update

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