Match Point

Hit the center of the targets for higher scores.

Each player get two balls per attempt and 5 turns

Choose the level of your players to balance the game.

Training Mode

Training mode allows you to train on data parameters. Every club and trajectory data is displayed. You will have a representation of the club in 2D to better interpret the data. If you don't know your data or the right values for your swing, the software will guide you during your training (coming soon)


Darts 2 golf shotz

Every body has ever played a dart game 301, 501 or Cricket.

The first target at 60 yards becomes a dart target. Just choose the type of game you want to play with your friends.

In addition to the fun of a dart, work on your short game to get better on the course.


Enjoy a fun moment with the bowling game. Try to make a Strike or a Spare and work on your mid to low ball trajectories.

A compensated Level bring the opportunity to confront expert players with beginners.

Bowling golf shotz


Bomb golf shotz

5 bombs are placed in the target. Try to explode them all. Attacking the targets on a fun way will help you on the course to hit more greens. Children will like exploding the bombs which will keep them captivated until the end of the game


Brake the 4 windows placed on the target of your choice, and work on your trajectories.

Choose windows orientation so that you can change the way you brake it: draw, fade, mid high or low (coming soon)

Driving distance

Dart game.PNG

Drive as far as possible to beat your friends on this distance game.

Two modes are possible, the max distance without limitation in dispersion and with limitation in dispersion.

Golfshotz allows you to play up to 9 players which will allow you to host groups. 

Par 3, Par 4 ......

The gameplay on par 3, 4 or 5 allows you to put yourself in a course situation from the driving range for a very interesting training session (coming soon)