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Doppler is known as the best technology for golf ball tracking. FlightScope is a world leader in golf ball tracking but above all, offers the best system in term of quality, price and performances.

Available data

Ball Data
  • Ball Speed

  • Vertical Launch Angle

  • Horizontal Launch Angle

  • Spin Rate

  • Spin Axis

  • Carry Distance

  • Roll Distance

  • Total Distance

  • Lateral Landing

  • Apex Height

  • Flight Time

  • Shot Dispersion

  • Skills Distance to Pin

  • Skills Score

Club Data
  • Club Speed

  • Smash Factor

  • Club Speed Profile

  • Club Acceleration Profile

  • Spin Loft


Parameters available based on what unit you are using and some of these may not be available.

Addon golf flightscope range

2D club data

Golf shotz club data
The best way to optimize your training on the driving range is to know the mechanics of your golf club and understand the data. GolfShotz is the only system that give access to club data, understand and optimize it ! 

Easy to setup

GolfShotz concept is based on a 5 targets setup with very specific locations and diameters. All games are designed around these 5 targets. 
Golf shotz setup.PNG