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Golf shot support

Our installation team brings together all the trades to optimize your installation. We move around the world for installation and the training of your teams. For quick assistance, the Flightscope representative will help you in your project steps by steps.

We design your installation

We design your installation.

Our team knows exactly the best setup for an optimal use of a Golfshotz facility. 3D design helps to get a better vision of your project

golf shotz desing
golf shotz desing

image (3)
image (3)

Golf shotz design
Golf shotz design

golf shotz desing
golf shotz desing


Screen shielded and waterproof

Range pc.PNG

We have created many different solutions of computers which can be adapted to almost any set up. All the components offer customization and modification options to fit your requirements. Our computers are of military manufacture to offer a long lifetime.

ball dispenser

The T-Box is a great way to create an upscale experience for your customers. By storing up 1500 golf balls for each bay, customers are able to go directly to the Bay and start a practice session. Integrated Golf shotz software to sell balls by time or quantity. Customers access balls by entering a PIN code on an easy-to-use touchscreen or by swiping their Member Card. The T-Box creates a clean and uncluttered look that your customers will appreciate.

Golf shotz distrib
Golf shotz mat

Golf Shotz Mat

The Golf Shotz dual mat is ideal for the Golf shotz software. It's design allows both RH and LH players to hit the ball from the same spot allowing total accuracy from the FlightScope system.

Golf Shotz target

All the targets match the colors of the software. You can install only the colored masts so the player identifies each target, or you can install the circles which respect the diameters of each target

Golf shotz target.png